Sunday, 17 July 2011


I thought it would be a good idea to collate my findings under one roof on my blog. I hope you find it useful when searching for bushcraft hammocks as their doesn't seem to be one collection of the vast range out there!

DD Hammocks
 Possibly one of the most popular brands in the U.K is DD Hammocks. Very rugged and versatile.

Their Travel Hammock comes with 2 zips (one either side of mosquito net) allowing quick entry / exit either side of the hammock and also allows you to tie the mosquito net up above you, out of the way, when not needed.

As before, this hammock has fine mosquito netting which keeps out all insects (including the dreaded British midge). Entry is via one of two side zips each with two double-sided zippers.

Features include two waterproof base layers so if needed (no trees) it can be set up on the ground as a basic bivi/tent, see pictures. The hammock also features two small internal pockets which are great for storing a torch, phone etc as well as three velcro patches between the two layers to help keep a thermarest/pad in place if cold weather camping. Now comes with an extra 2m elastic cord to create a ridge line inside the hammock to hold lightweight gear such as glasses etc.

You also have the option to lie out in the open (without mosi net) - simply tie the hammock up with the mosi net underneath the hammock.

With the waterproof floor this hammock can be used anywhere and along with our Tarp is the ultimate lightweight camping system! Please note that as the floor is waterproof it (the floor) is not very breathable - if you'd prefer a more breathable hammock please choose thier Frontline (the same design but without waterproof base).

Possibly Americas most popular hammock. Hennessy Hammocks have a size and weight for every purpose, a complete line of specialty hammocks, including jungle hammocks, winter hammocks, and hammock accessories. All Hennessy Hammocks include attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, stuff sack with set up Instructions on back and complimentary tree huggers to protect the of the bark of trees.

The main feature of the American Hennessy is the bottom entrance system. Unlike the side entrance of usual hammocks, the Hennessy has a bottom entrance.

It is a great camping hammock or backpacking hammock. It is light, waterproof, mosquito-proof, comfortable, strong, simple, and will last a long time, and if you don't need a mosquito net, then just flip it over and sleep on the other side. The Expedition Hammock is designed for backpacking and hot conditions. It is light and breathable to keep you cool. It comes with dark mosquito netting (easier to see out of), inside pocket, inside hanging loops, and bright fluorescent orange stuff bag. The Jungle Hammock is designed for extreme wet jungle conditions. It is made from heavy duty nylon, longer, waterproof and camouflage. It is their most comfortable and most popular hammock. The Camping Hammock is the a very affordable mosquito hammock.. The NoNet Hammock is for normal camping. All designs come with a double layer bottom for added strength and to allow you to slide in an insulation pad for cold weather camping.

Clarks have a wide range of hammocks available for all types of weather. They are very versatile and extremely well made for all weather conditions.