Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Aesthetic Axe Lanyard - 2 Tone Paracord

(Snake Knot with Celtic Heart Knot) Purpose Of Use - To Create An Aesthetically Pleasing Axe lanyard. Although this lanyard looks pleasing and is useful in arctic conditions, (allows the axe to stay attached when breaking through ice) I will be shortening it considerably, as I wouldn't use it under normal conditions. It only gets in the way when chopping and can be a hazard.
A YouTube video of my 'Man Knitting'.
I created this lanyard to hone my skills at Knot tying, and thought It would give some elegance when applied to the Bahco, - with matching corporate colours.
Why I Use the Paracord? - Aesthetics!!
There are two reasons why I prefer using the paracord, rather than a conventional leather single stranded short cord.
Firstly, is its beauty! A number of knot types and cord colours can be utilised to create beautiful and individualistic works of art.
Secondly, with a medium sized axe handle, it elegantly stows around the axe head when not in use. (Pictured below!)
Why I use the Snake and Celtic Heart Knots!
The Snake Knot is a very simple knot to learn and create, giving great flexibility when twisting, while also allowing slight lineal stretch/tension, for stowing around the axe head comfortably. (Pictured above!)
The Celtic Heart Knot - Tying It All Together video.
(Note: the video is a single colour cord tutorial, two colours are possible with a little extra work!)
The Celtic Knot not only gives elegance to the sling, it provides a practical use! As a guide when stowing the sling around the length of the axe. It helps the sling grip the flat of the axe head more cleanly. Whereas, a continued Chinese knot, would not!
(Keep the axe sheath on until you have a firm grip of the axe handle.)
Note: Always use an axe in the correct manor for purpose, keeping it away from your body at all times. The Axe Sling does not guarantee 100% hold if worn, and is only an improvement on aesthetics over a standard axe lanyard, when hanging up!! Always place you axe in a secure location, preferably in the crook of a tree, away from minors! Always replace the axe cover after use!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Paracord Ringbolt Hitch & Survival Bracelet

A steel metal 'O' ring with ring bolt hitching applied, a lovely decorative way to liven up any bland 'O' ring. How to Tie Ring Bolt Hitching!
Paracord Survival Bracelet
Worn around the wrist, simply cut off the knot on the end and pull apart for 8 feet of emergency paracord.
How to tie the Survival Bracelet! Video 1, Video 2
Thanks goto Stormdrane for the inspiration!