Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Aesthetic Axe Lanyard - 2 Tone Paracord

(Snake Knot with Celtic Heart Knot) Purpose Of Use - To Create An Aesthetically Pleasing Axe lanyard. Although this lanyard looks pleasing and is useful in arctic conditions, (allows the axe to stay attached when breaking through ice) I will be shortening it considerably, as I wouldn't use it under normal conditions. It only gets in the way when chopping and can be a hazard.
A YouTube video of my 'Man Knitting'.
I created this lanyard to hone my skills at Knot tying, and thought It would give some elegance when applied to the Bahco, - with matching corporate colours.
Why I Use the Paracord? - Aesthetics!!
There are two reasons why I prefer using the paracord, rather than a conventional leather single stranded short cord.
Firstly, is its beauty! A number of knot types and cord colours can be utilised to create beautiful and individualistic works of art.
Secondly, with a medium sized axe handle, it elegantly stows around the axe head when not in use. (Pictured below!)
Why I use the Snake and Celtic Heart Knots!
The Snake Knot is a very simple knot to learn and create, giving great flexibility when twisting, while also allowing slight lineal stretch/tension, for stowing around the axe head comfortably. (Pictured above!)
The Celtic Heart Knot - Tying It All Together video.
(Note: the video is a single colour cord tutorial, two colours are possible with a little extra work!)
The Celtic Knot not only gives elegance to the sling, it provides a practical use! As a guide when stowing the sling around the length of the axe. It helps the sling grip the flat of the axe head more cleanly. Whereas, a continued Chinese knot, would not!
(Keep the axe sheath on until you have a firm grip of the axe handle.)
Note: Always use an axe in the correct manor for purpose, keeping it away from your body at all times. The Axe Sling does not guarantee 100% hold if worn, and is only an improvement on aesthetics over a standard axe lanyard, when hanging up!! Always place you axe in a secure location, preferably in the crook of a tree, away from minors! Always replace the axe cover after use!

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