Monday, 29 March 2010

Little Abington - March 2010

A 'Bushcrafters Of Cambridgeshire' meet.
Organised by myself and Badgeringtim, this was the Cambridgeshire Bushcrafters first ever meet at the Little Abington Scout site
A Video Introduction to the Bushcrafters Of Cambrigeshire site ____________________________________________________________ The Bushcrafters were located on Little Abington's Sycamore Field. But in the bushcraft tradition, we never used the field, prefering instead to hide in the surrounding woodland!
__________________________________________________ A Social Gathering The Communial area where all the action was undertaken. The Sycamore site was huge for our needs, but we all found we spent the time socialising together in the one spot. Great, because we all ended up getting to know each other very well, rather than hiden away doing our own thing!
GearGuru (right) Eel28 (centre right) Taws6 (centre) Badgeringtim (centre left) RickyAmos (right) RickyAmos (right) GearGuru (left)
________________________________________ Cooking up some grub! Everyone had their different cooking systems, from meths burners to open fire cooking. Badgeringtims raw ingredients cooking!.. Yum!
RickyAmos with his pre packed foods!.. Yum Yum! ________________________________________ The Over-Nighters
Set-ups were 3 hammocks, and one TeePee. WolfCrafter - DD Hammock and 3x3 DD Tarp.
RickyAmos - DD Hammock and 3x3 DD Tarp.
Eel28 - TeePee.
GearGuru - Hammock with seperate Fly sheet and Ausi Tarp. ________________________________________
Night Time Bushcraft
Gearguru (left) Badgeringtim (centre) Eel28 (right)
Fire and Fire Crane.. the focal point of any bush meet! Badgeringtim (left) Eel28 (Right)
Badgeringtim on the stoke!
Swaping ideas.. Gearguru (left) Rickyamos (right)
Deep Discussion.. GearGuru (centre), Rickyamos (right) and Badgeringtim! (left)
Hot Coco and mini Mallows!
Ambient moods!
GearGuru in contemplation!
Badgeringtim on the stoke.. again!
Eel28 chilling out! ________________________________________ Sunday Daytime WhittlerKev and Jimbob turned up for a days chit chat and play.
Whittlerkev (Right) Badgeringtim (top centre) Jimbob (centre) Eel28 (Right) ________________________________________ Some of the Whittling undertaken. Unfortunately there wasnt many whittling survivors, wood splits and miss aimed chops sent many an item to the fire god.
Wolfcrafters first spootula (spoon/Spatula)
WhittlerKev's Spoon/Pipe? .. Owe..Split.. WhittlerKev's Sacrifice to the fire god.

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