Monday, 28 February 2011

North Wood Meet - Feb 2011

Another trip to North Wood in the Midlands to catch up with all the guys there. The meet was attended by around 30 bushcrafters. A great weekend had by all, with some woodland management clearing undertaken, and a trip on the back of a quad bike!

Me and my setup relaxing in the afternoon sunshine!

Some fungi foraging.. 'Cramp Balls' for tinder/fire lighting (left) and 'Jews Ear' (top right) for eating!

Its always a good idea to get a large collection of wood to burn while the weather is dry!

British Army TeePee.

First for some breakfast.. bacon, mushrooms onions and 'Jews Ear'.
'Jews Ear' is tasteless but an acquired texture, being rubbery and a little slimy!

Now for todays bread, some bannock!

Lunch was bannock, cheese spread, a squeeze of lemon juice, spring onion and pastrami.

Jimbo cooked up some bread and bean chilli.

The quad bike came in very handy for transporting kit up to the site.

Some woodland clearing done to tidy up the site.

A panoramic of the North Wood site at the top end of the woods.. this is after a couple of hours clearing by the guys! Great job, and the blue bells will appreciation the sunshine in a few weeks time! 



 Toppings were fried first while the dough was rising in a pot.
 Flattened into a pizza base it was then baked on a griddle with some tin foil covering it!
 All the toppings ready!.. Tomato puree, fried vegetables, Chorizo meat & Polenta cheese!

To melt and cook the top, a layer of tin foil was placed over the pizza, with a raised lip folded around the edge. This allowed me to add some hot coals onto the foil!

A Poisson is a baby chicken, great for one person over an open fire.
The poisson was flavoured with lemon, mixed herbs and a knob of butter. Wrapped in tin foil, skewers were inserted for easy picking up and turning.
1 and a half hours later it was ready to eat, piping hot all the way through it fell off the bone!
Wrapped in a tortilla with fresh spring onion, cheese spread and a squeeze of lemon juice!

My new 'Stanley' whiskey canteen!

 Jimbo enjoying a tipple!