Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Little Abington - July 2010

A 'Bushcrafters Of Cambridgeshire' meet.
Communial area.. Just the 3 of us!.. but cosy!
Badgering Tim.. a lovely day spent whittling and just chatting!
Lee (Eel28) soaking up the atmosphere and unpredictably good weather!
My fire alter test with new wind shields!.. after much discussion, new mods are going to be made, but overall a great success!
Side view with opening for wood feeding!
Hammocking as usual!
Lee tried out a different tarp configuration this time!
Dinner was all natures food stuffs this weekend!.. no tins or packets this time round!
Turned into a lovely stew type soup!


  1. Great set up Steve! Looks very comfy.

  2. Are you planning any trips? Need a bimblin fix!!