Saturday, 7 August 2010

Long Bow Making Workshop - Kent - July 2010

A 'Bushcrafters Of Cambridgeshire' workshop.
Bow making is one of the courses available from the Bushcraft magazine, who are based in Kent. It was a one day workshop where we achieved a full working long bow by the end of the day. It was carved with Ash wood, along with all tools required provided by the site.
The workshop accommodates around 5 people at present.
People in action, working the Ash wood to an even keel!
Clamping the wood to work to a symmetrical piece!
Close up of the rough Ash wood.
Lined out for the centre hand grip.
A lot of shaving required!
A Japanese furniture plane is ideal for long bow making!
Another type of home made plane similar to the Japanese plane, but with a single blade!
Routing out the bow string notch!
Paul, the course tutor, explaining how the finished bow has to be teased into shape with gentile force!
On the rack, Paul explaining how the bow has to be tensioned,and teased into shape!
My bow under tension!
A flat bow of Paul's under tension.
The team with their final wares!
Some lovely arrow tips of Paul's!
My final bow, next to an original blank piece of Ash!
Close up!
Boy's Toys!
After the workshop I decided to make three small bows for 3 small boys, as a gift!
Stringed up with some shock cord, I added some paracord ring bolt hitching to the hand grips!
Ring Bolt Hitching on hand grips!
Finally touched up with some leather names tags! (so there's no arguing over who's is who!)

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