Sunday, 31 October 2010

North Wood Meet - Oct 2010

North Wood Bushcraft Meet Site
This was my first visit to North Wood, and may I say, a very plesant site it was! Based just outside North East Birmingham, its a great location to get too! North Wood has a broad range of tree types, and as I found for the time of year, a huge range of fungi to spot also.
The guys at North Wood are very welcoming and a great social bunch who arnt afraid to to spark up a conversation, Bushcraft or otherwise!
YouTube Video of the weekends action.
Autumn pathways through North Wood.
A short walk to the wooded site.
Beautiful established trees of North Wood.
My set-up of DD Hammock & Tarp with DIY Fire Alter!
Dale's Set-up with a North-Face lightweight one man tent!
Ground dwellers Jimbo & Jason under a Tarp and a Lavvu.
My New Fire Alter on the Burn!!
Makerel frying and Veg boiling!!
First days Grub!
Night Time Chillout!!
New boy Dale (Discussions of a Bush name possibly going to be 'Bear Bush'.. 'Hairy Bush'.. or 'Bear Beat'!!)
Jason A.K.A 'Redwood Bushcraft' the candle maker!!
Me.. A.K.A.. 'WolfCrafter'
Morning Fry-Up!!
A memorial to 'Barbara', a family member to the owners of Middleton House Farm. (Please respect the spot and tree below!!)
Fungi Hunt!
Please note: Fungi can be highly poisonous, identification by an expert is recommended before picking and consuming any type of fungi. This Blog is not a guide to any correct species of fungi and is only an observation by myself as to the possible species!!
Jews Ear!
Puff Balls!!
Tinder Fungi!!
Sundays Cook-up!!
Pancakes for Brunch after the Fungi hunt!
Followed by a Rump Steak, fried potatoes and onion lunch!
Some of the other Meet Guys set-ups!

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