Thursday, 4 November 2010

'The Wolf Alter' Adjustable Fire Grill

I designed the foldaway 'Wolf Alter' fire grill because I needed a sturdy, large cooking system, that was easy and small to handle when packed away, but was also versatile in that it had an adjustable heat rack above the cooking flame! It was not designed to be lightweight enough for the long haul backpacking, but more for an easy walk to the beach or local venue.
The entire system packs away into the two folding base halves, with a carry handle for an easy one handed carry.
The rack has 4 heights of adjustment, and a number of configurations of rack style can be achieved with the repositioning of the grill bars.
Packed away all into the two folding base halves with a carry handle.
The entire contents within the base box halves.
Unpacking the contents.
Left Pic: The grill handle, retaining ends, and base securing screw-thread rods with wing-nuts.
Middle Pic: Galvanised steel side plates.
Right Pic: Galvanised steel front and back plates with the front having an opening for easy fire wood introduction.
Front and back plates have reinforced riveted 'L' steel for greater strength, and side upright brackets designed to allow for the side plates to slot into place, locking the four sides together.
Left Pic: Sturdy leg lock bracket with wing-nut.
Middle Pic: 3 Height adjustable brackets on leg.
Right Pic: A total of 4 height settings over the flame achieved for the grill.
Left Pic: Leg Bracket.
Middle Pic: Slotting into place.
Right Pic: Front plate upright bracket.
The locking leg brackets are designed to slot into the front and back plate side brackets, making the unit secure and upright.
Firing up with charcoal.
Showing one of the grill configurations achievible.
I like this setup as it allows an adjustable section above the heat for cooking, plus a side section for keeping a kettle on the boil.
At full height.
Usable with a frying pan too, and plenty of space for that kettle too.
A small test run with some burgers and onion.
Fired up with wood. The size allows for some large logs.
A good height achieved with the legs allows for wet wood to be stashed and dried underneath the unit.
With the grill section removed, the fire can be feed from the top as well as the front.
Bringing a kettle to the boil on the side grill configuration.
Bringing a kettle to the boil with the adjustable grill, lifting it above the flame of those larger logs.
Great if you want a lot of heat in the morning, but don't want to wait for the flames to settle down for a brew.
Great for getting on all those ingredients for a larger breakfast.
Fish, Soup and coffee on the go at once.
Get those steaks perfect with the adjustable heat.
A great sized unit for cooking steaks and side dishes all at the same time.
Takes on a good pounding with a lot of wood for that night time roaster.
Heat and snacks with 'German Peppered Sausage' and 'Reindeer Meat' .

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