Thursday, 25 November 2010

BUSH COOKING: Bush Nut Bread

Ease of Bush Cooking: Very Easy. Mix, Need the Dough, Slap it in front of the fire. Simple.
Servings: 4
Kit Required:
Mixing bowl
Wooden spatula to mix ingredients
Something to crush the nuts
Flat surface to place the bread on
1LB of Strong White Bread Flour
4 Level Tea Spoons of Baking Powder
1/2 cup of Water
125g of Mixed Crushed Nuts & Raisins
Keep about 2 table spoons of flour to one side (in case too much water is added when mixing, you can add some flour to dry out the mix later!) Mix all the dry ingredients in a mixin
g bowl, then add the water until a thick dough is formed, making sure the dough is not too sticky, but holds together in one large mass.
Shape into either a flat circle or oval, by passing from one hand to the next, until the dough is about 1 to 2 inches thick.
Place on a cooking surface that can be positioned in front of an open fire at an angle of approx. 45 degrees (either a clean log, thick hard wood surface, or a metal tray of some sort). Bake slowly for about 45 mins until the crust has risen slightly. The Dough in the centre is getting finished when there is a hollow ring to the bread when tapped. Adjust the distance of the bread, if it seams to be getting too brown before the centre is done. Flip over the loaf and bake the underside for about 15-20 mins, making sure the heat has penetrated fully. The aim is to get the bread slightly browned, while making sure the centre is fully baked through.

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