Thursday, 18 November 2010

Little Abington - Nov 2010

A 'Bushcrafters Of Cambridgeshire' meet.
A two day Autumn Weekend Meet at Little Abington Scout Camp, by 'The Bushcrafters of Cambridgeshire'.
The main events were bread making on an open fire, and fire starting lessons by WhittlerKev using potassium pangamate & Sugar. (see my Youtube video of it in action!)
YouTube Video of the Weekends Action.
Autumn Leaf Fall
Setup by WolfCrafter
Setup by Redwood Bushcraft
Setup by R.Lewis
Setup by Ricky Amos
The Communal Area
Cooking Around Camp
Night time Warmth In The Communal Camp
German Peppered Sausage Night Time Snack
Around The Site Of Little Abington
Wild Nature Of Little Abington
Bread Making On An Open Fire
Attended by BCUK members: WolfCrafter, Redwood Bushcraft, WhittlerKev, BadgeringTim, Ricky Amos & R.Lewis.

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