Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sycamore Chopping Board With Reversible Plate

I wanted a chopping board made out of food friendly wood that fitted inside my Tibetan Plate/Bowl, with the added bonus of also doubling up as a secondary plate/bowl. For some pleasing edging I decided to add my leaf design which I've already used on a previous item, my griddle handle.

Sycamore wood blank.

The Sycamore wood blank chopped to a rough thickness.

After cutting the sycamore, rounding and bevelling to the required shape to fit my Tibetan Plate/Bowl, it was time to pencil out the overlapping leaf design.

The finished design all carved out.

The plate/bowl side.

The chopping board side.

The leaf design folds around the edge of the board, just far enough not to hinder the chopping surface.

Just a little more finishing required with some fine sandpaper and diamond tip awl.

I decided to finish off the Sycamore with two coats of linseed oil and rubbed down with Carnauba Wax. I wanted a thick seal so the plate and chopping board would take some punishment from food stuffs and knife edges.

A perfect snug fit inside the Tibetan Plate/Bowl, with room to spare for a cloth fire glove, and chopping knife.

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